Radiant Service with Dr Oheneba Boadum | God, You & The Prophetic Part 3

Radiant Service with Dr Oheneba Boadum | God, You & The Prophetic Part 2

Radiant service with Dr Oheneba Boadum at the Radiant P345 Chapel, Jesus Generation - Accra.

September 7, 2020

Divine Restoration

In this sermon continuation, Dr. Boadum reveals how God's restoration is better than man's. While men can partly restore, they cannot deal with the pain of our losses. However, divine restoration factors in the pain our of loss and emotional setbacks.

He outlines seven aspects included in God's package of restoration: divine honor, divine exchange, divine consolation, divine recovery, divine replacement, divine retribution, and divine addition. Be blessed.

August 25, 2020

Divine Warranty

In this Sermon, Dr. Boadum explains the uniqueness of God's divine warranty for His children.

He teaches that we are God's product of choice and He has marked each one of us divinely - sealing us, under His protective insurance. God's warranty is custom made for you and designed with your flaws in mind. To protect you, and to prevent you from recurrent mistakes and failures.

In this Sermon, the Man of God draws the contrast between the increase of God, Unlimited favor and our expectations
Dr. Boadum reveals in this sermon a place where believers will receive the increase and unlimited favor that will bring them relevance and prominence (Job 28: 7-8)
He draws the interface of this message by stating that ”Your increase and unlimited favor is limited if you put a limit on God.“ Have bigger expectations.

Your miracle will respond to the threshold of your faith. Be enlightened as you listen

February 25, 2020

The Spirit of Discipleship II

In the second part of this sermon, Dr. Boadum focuses on the categories of christian maturity. He discusses the stages as first admirers, before believers and then disciples.

Using 1 John 1:1-3, He makes encourages a gradual progression from admiration to becoming a disciple. He adds, not all believers are disciples, but every disciple is a believer.

Further, Dr. Boadum highlights the various ways of a disciples, citing that, "The greatest miracle of any disciple is his first - the miracle that brought him to Jesus."

Be blessed as you receive this teaching.

February 19, 2020

The Spirit of Discipleship

In this sermon, Dr. Boadum highlights on the four stages in discipleship. He points out that in order to see the adventures of the spirit you need to became a disciple. He also encourages believers to expect great things in their daily walk with God.

As believers we are not forsaken because it is not the nature of God to forget his people.
"Your miracle will respond to the voice of your expectation", he added.
Listen,share and walk in this faith as you listen to this message.

Dr. Boadum continues this two part teaching on The Mandate,The Place and Grace, stressing the importance of finding that place of your mandate.

He shares further that this is one's place of optimal blessing. Using Joshua and Issac as case studies,he teaches that, We unconsciously may remain in other people's mandate and miss our season of blessing.

However, once we find the place - which is our Rehoboth,we are removed from all strife and quarrels because that is  where the Lord has made room for us.

Remain blessed as you Listen.

September 23, 2019

The Mandate,The Place and Grace

In this Sermon Dr. Boadum teaches on how to identify your mandate, locate the place of your mandate and attract the accompanying grace of God.

Once we discover our mandate and come to that place of our optimal blessing - our Rehoboth, he expounds that God's grace inevitably follows us and aids us in fulfilling our divine mandate.

Be blessed as you listen and share with others.

July 29, 2019


In this sermon, ANTICIPATE, Dr. Boadum encourages believers to expectantly look to God. Even though sometimes we are in distress because of failed expectations (Isaiah 26:18), he compels the believer to hold on to God in anticipation of good things.

He states that it is in such times that one must hope, for if men know how to give good gifts to their children, how much more the Lord.
Stay tuned with Dr. Boadum as he rekindles your hope through God's word.

Anticipate! Hope in God!

In this episode the man of God exemplifies that every vineyard has a lion in its front and requires the spirit of God to take it away. But with the little foxes in the garden, no spiritual mandate is required instead with self awareness and due diligence it can be taken away.

He then transitions with a crucial statement, “the anointing cannot rest and grow with pride”.He advises with Luke 17:10 that we should not be proud of anything we do or have but rejoice that our names are in the book of life

In this Sermon, the Man of God draws the contrast between total reliance on the Holy Spirit for victory and our own conscious efforts in the battle against pride. There is a place for the Spirit of God and there is a place for human efforts. He lists 8 signs of a proud person which gives clarity of the hidden prints of pride.

Listen and be blessed.

In this episode, the Apostle of God exposes the need for self awareness in one’s life. Comparing our destinies to the treasures of a vineyard, he teaches from Songs of Solomon how certain little foxes can destroy the beauty of our vineyards (destinies).

One of such foxes is PRIDE. Like a little fox, it devours our sweetness (wine) and anointing (oil) from the vineyard. Then again, once this fox is entertained, God Himself will also resist that destiny. He ends the message by highlighting on eight different types of people who are likely to be proud if not checked.

Be blessed as you listen to this word.

March 20, 2019

The Power of a Sound Mind

In this final episode, Dr. Oheneba Boadum continues by speaking on The Power of a Sound Mind. He explains that by setting our minds on God, we can develop a focused and disciplined mind to help achieve great things for the Lord. The focused mind is a blessed mind, he adds.

He stressed on being intentional about developing good habits to elaborate on the five blessings of a focused mind: Stability, Flourishing, Fruitfulness, Prosperity and remaining Evergreen.

Let’s listen to the secret of the Psalm 1 man from the man of God.

Be blessed.

February 18, 2019

The Power of Focus II

In this episode Dr. Boadum continues to hammer on the effects of distractions on our everyday walk in Christ.

With references to the distractions that Nehemiah encountered while building the walls of Jerusalem, to those that influenced Elimelech's unfortunate migration to Moab, it becomes clear that the devil can distract us from our good intentions or even into evil plans - to remove us from our destined path.

Be blessed as you listen to this message.

February 18, 2019

The Power of Focus

In this sermon, Dr. Boadum highlights that one of the schemes weaponised and used by the devil today is distraction. He teaches why and how focus is one of the giftings of the Holy Spirit. He warns that in spiritual warfare we have to be careful of distraction.

The blessed man in Psalm 1 is a result of his focus. In a nut shell he concludes this resonate message in one striking pitch “To be able to be an achiever, you must be focused. You need to be focused”.

May your heart be enlightened as you listen to this message.

November 7, 2018

The Error in Zion

In this sermon,Dr. Boadum explains the error committed by the people of Israel that landed them into slavery.The Israelite's prior to their oppression were enjoying the blessings in Zion until an error came into the equation that turned their joy into mourning.

Dr. Boadum reveals this devastating error and gives the remedy for recovery and an insight into dwelling permanently in Zion. It's a priceless package.Listen, share and walk  in the light of this truth..

Be blessed

October 29, 2018

Come to Zion

In this sermon, Dr. Boadum speaks on the spiritual context of Biblical Zion. Zion has a spiritual dimension believers need to occupy.Irrespective of your geographical location, the spirit-led believer can assess the coded spiritual location and activate the 8  Divine blessings divine .

Dr. Boadum releases the keys to enter this blessed scared place in the spirit. Be blessed as you listen to this sermon

Great mysteries to learn about for your Christian life. Be blessed as you listen to this message.

Great mysteries to learn about for your Christian life. Be blessed as you listen to this message.

January 27, 2018


You have been chosen by God and it was not based on your works. The omniscence of God is what chose you and I even before we knew right from wrong. This election is not to be abused but to be respected and guarded with all spiritual vigilance. Be blessed as you listen. 

November 25, 2017

Trapped With a Sorcerer

For 20 years Jacob lived with a sorcerer but had no idea. He served him and gave everything he had to make his uncle happy. Fourteen years for two wives and 6 years for flock - that's two decades of a person's life. And in all these, he was at the losing end. Laban was able by divination and sorcery to "know" Jacob's destiny and manipulate the blessings on Jacob for himself. Listen and be blessed and may God deliver you from any diviner in Jesus name, amen. 

Goliath is an enemy that fights generations. He tricks his opponents into a deal of generational slavery, cautioning that if he wins the battles, both you and your generations, even those unborn will be his servants. It is imperative, that any spiritual 'goliath' fighting your family is confronted now, for the sake of the next generations. Be blessed. 

November 11, 2017

Destiny Hijackers

Like a flight on course to a destination, which is hijacked and redirected unto a different path, so can anybody's destiny be diverted by hijackers. Lamentations 1:9, says, "Her uncleanliness was in her skirt, she did not consider her DESTINY, and her fall was GREAT. If we fail to consider our destiny, our fall will be great, it will be unfortunate but completely an avoidable one. These sermons are not for "religious people."

August 8, 2016

Chosen for a reason

God does not choose man based on man's work or righteousness. The Bible says we are saved by Grace through faith not by works that any should boast. God has predetermined whom he chooses to use for His Work and these people are known as His elect. God foreknows who He chooses to use for His work.  So who are the called and for what purpose? Listen to Rev.Dr. Oheneba Boadum as he preaches on the topic ‘Chosen for a reason’. Believe it, receive it and be blessed as you listen to this inspirational and life changing  sermon.

May 30, 2016

Leave the Basket

When man fell to sin, darkness began to rise in the heart of man. Even though men were dark and filled with evil God sent His Son Jesus Christ as a gift to bring into our lives His light. God's light forms the base of every new man in Christ hence we have a duty to make the light shine in your life as children of God.The Spirit of the Lord introduces the light of God in you. Listen to Rev.Dr. Oheneba Anyani-Boadum as he teaches on how we can let our lights shine so that men will see us and glorify our Father in heaven. Believe it, Receive it and be blessed as you listen to this message.

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